"With over 40 years in business, Tulloch Photography has a strong reputation. We stand for quality and professionalism. We will proudly uphold founder Bob Tulloch’s reputation as among the best in this business."

– New owners Ben and Sheree Kershaw.


Greg Wilson, Principal Photographer

"Photography is all about capturing emotion. Anyone can push the shutter button, it’s knowing when... and that’s the secret."

Greg dedicates his work towards "excellence". Heis passionate about capturing images that you will love.

His photojournalist style isto capture the true personality of the subject. For example - a person's true spirit, the romanceof a wedding, the soul of a landscape or making a brand memorable.

Greg is particularly known for his portrait and commercial work.Heholds a "gold bar" level of honour within the NZ Institute ofProfessional Photography. This means he has won so many top-level awards that it’s akin to having a black belt in karate. He has won too many awards to count. Heis especially proud of being a finalist in the Hasselblad Masters Awards in Sweden. The judges at these awards select the very best photographs. He has exhibited in London, Hong Kong, New York and Sweden. In New Zealand, his work has been showcased in many galleries. This includes the Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts gallery, The White Room Co, and the Christchurch Art Gallery. Greg is also a former President of the NZ Institute of Professional Photographers.

I have a great passion for what is still one of the great communication mediums in today’s world. Greg loves sharing his passion of photography with others. He also loves his family and is a total foodie. On his days off, you might find him beach-side or fishing.

Michal Pinkerton, Photographer

Michal (pronounced (Ma-Karl) has worked for Tulloch Photography for over a decade. Her role in the team is production manager. This includes retouching, assisting, printing and helping with enquiries. Michal is a master atknowing how to get the very best out ofan image with digital technology.

Beautiful photos inspire me," she says. I love the reaction when people see their finished photos. It’s so important tome that I’ve helped create a lasting beautiful image. This is very satisfying.

The art of photography is in Michal's blood. She grew up (in Wellington) with a professional photographer mum and a camera hobbyist dad. The family even had a darkroom at home. Often the lounge would be covered in drying black-and-white photos, she says.

Michal started her career working asan assistant with well-respected photographer Ronald Woolf. He has trained many Wellington photographers over many generations. Michal’s mum even worked for him as a young girl. Michal started on the basics. This included wedding photography. She did retouching, airbrushing and printing. She then worked in several professional labs throughout New Zealand over the years.Michal has worked alongside some very accomplished photographers including Anne Geddes. Michal has a grown daughter. When she isn’t crafting exquisite images, you might find her with the Tauranga Samba crew. They doRio/carnival style drumming.

Sheree Kershaw, Photographer

Sheree has a unique ability to capture beautiful, genuine moments. She will discover the authentic beauty of your wedding. She can capture stunning family photography. And she knows how to reveal the raw magic between couples.

I love my work and capturing genuine and true connections, affection, love and laughter. This is what I gravitate towards. But I will uncover the raw and real side too – and often this is even more beautiful, she says. Sheree is a fully accredited member of the NZ Institute of Professional Photographers.

She is also this organisation’s Waikato/Bay of Plenty secretary. Sheree has had a life-long passion with photography. She finally kicked off her professional photography career in 2014. This was while living in Melbourne. She has a Diploma in Professional Photography from the Photography Institute.

In 2017, she became an accredited member of the NZ Institute of Professional Photographers. Her relative newness to the industry in the team gives her a fresh perspective. Having returned to NZ in 2016,she is making an impact already with clients loving her work. In 2017, she scooped three bronze awards at the NZ Institute of Professional Photographers. Sheree is married to entrepreneur Ben Kershaw. They are parents totwo energetic boys.

Sheree jokes: My life is full of noise, chaos, and all the crazy antics offamily life.

Ben Kershaw, Business Manager

Ben is not a cameraman. He instead oversees that this company exceeds any customer’s expectations. Ben’s role at Tulloch Photography isto oversee marketing and customer care.

He also jokes: My main role isto keep out of the way of the photographers! He cares about being part of a team that delivers the highest quality ofwork and cares about the people.

He knows a fair bit about running a top business. He started in banking and financial services in Auckland and Hamilton. He then specialised inrecruitment while living in London.

Ben has led large teams in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He has been a business owner in three successful firms. He currently owns and runs, Numeric Recruitment. They help clients throughout New Zealand and Australia. Out of work, Ben enjoys family-time with Sheree and their two energetic sons. Ben also loves travel and classic cars.

Our Heritage


Some background on Tulloch Photography from Bob Tulloch himself:

When I returned home to NZ in 1974, I chose to settle in Tauranga. I met Lena and we married in1975 and established Tulloch Photography. Business grew through my innovative style of modern photography, and entrepreneurial approach. Within a short time, bigger premises and specialist staff were needed. Two people could no longer alone keep up with the portrait, wedding and commercial work. In the early 80’s,we opened a camera store in Mt Maunganui. We established Camlab, then Superlab, to control the quality of photo-processing. Superlab’s reputation grew to attract professional photographers nationwide. As the digital era took over, huge darkrooms gave way to computers and hi-tech printers. At this point, we preferred a less hectic life and moved the studioto Mount Maunganui. We opened a gallery featuring my landscapes and set up a modern studio.

I have produced four coffee table books on Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. These feature photos depicting the lifestyle and beautiful landscapes. A highlight was paying tribute to some notable locals inexhibitions. In 2016, I photographed over 200 local kaumatua and kuia (Maori elders). This resulted inan exhibition of large black and white portraits.

Bob's background... Over 40 years, Bob has been very successful at the NZ Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) awards. This has resulted in him gaining a Master of Photography. He too was awarded the prestigious Fellow of the NZIPP. He has held national positions as President and Chairman of Honours. In2002,he was awarded the Overseas Study Grant. This allowed him to establish anongoing scholarship for emerging photographers at Brooks Institute atSanta Barbara.

A special highlight, he says, was for his wife Lena to be awarded the NZIPP Silver Spool and to join him as a Life Member.